People Who Escalated Things WAY Too Quickly And Need Some Serious Grounding


While most of us are pretty good at controlling our emotions and making sure that we don't overreact in any given situation, some of us aren't. It may be common sense to many that if someone accidentally steals your pencil at school, the right response is to ask for it back politely. But, there are a select few who get their pencil stolen and immediately look to cut the person's hands off.

These are the spastic people in our lives that we constantly find ourselves having to calm down. They want to go from 0-100 without even passing 60. Thankfully for us, these quick emotional escalations are entertaining to observe at the very least. Enjoy.

The New Biggest Threat To Our National Security


Photo Credit: Imgur

Just when you thought that the Girl Scouts were the last shred of innocence we have in this country, they go ahead and do this.

This is an aggressive strategy to increase sales, but I think that it might have some merit. We'll see how this works out for them, but I'm expecting a spike in mint chocolate chip consumption.