Pictures To Remind You That Wishing We Were Older Was The Biggest Mistake Of Our Lives

We all know that growing up sucks. We think about it daily. It was so much easier back when we didn't have jobs or kids or responsibilities. We could just play video games all the time. I guess some of us actually went outside...

These pictures perfectly illustrate the struggle of getting older. We know there's no going back, but sometimes it's nice to look back at what used to be. Keep reading for some dogs who don't understand why everything around them is getting smaller, and a kid who just realized he's too tall to have fun.

Here's The Truth


Photo Credit: Imgur

This is the kind of street signage that we really need. Growing up is definitely a trap. Unfortunately, it's a trap with no way out.

As long as you know it's a trap 2014 that's the important part. Just enjoy your youth while you still have it.