Jeff Goldblum Has A Number One Jazz Albums And It's Fascinating

Everyone has seen Jeff Goldblum in a movie. The Oscar and Emmy-nominated actor has done it all 2014 from alien, dinosaur, superhero blockbusters, to every type of drama and comedy. Outside of having an exciting career, the actor has found a different passion. Music has been apart of Goldblum's life since he was a teenager.

Factor in his regular jazz gig in L.A. and two kids under the age of three and Goldblum would seem to be leading a sleepless life. The actor-keyboardist used to bluff his way into playing piano bars as a teen. Now in his sixties, he explains why he recorded his debut album.

He Used To Write Affirmations In The Shower


Jemal Countess/WireImage/Getty Images

Goldblum was born and raised in West Homestead, a suburb of Pittsburgh. His mother, Shirley Jane, was a radio broadcaster who later ran a kitchen equipment and appliances sales firm. His father, Harold, was a medical doctor. His parents were interested in show business, but their son kept his desires hidden from others.

To maintain his motivations, he would write affirmations on his glass shower door. After studying at Carnegie Mellon University, Goldblum moved to New York.