If Only We Had A DeLorean To Go Back In Time And Correct These Situations

Whenever something bad happens or you make a mistake, you wish you could turn back time. This could have come in handy at your eighth-grade graduation after your date rejected you, or the time you punched your friend in the face because you thought you were strong enough, but the alcohol got the better of you.

Unfortunately, we aren't on the same level as Doc and Marty McFly just yet. We need to travel back in time to make sure our robots don't have an existential crisis. But, if Doc and Marty can do it, hopefully, so can we.

Rhinos Rule


Photo Credit: TrueSplendor/Reddit

This isn't a drug addiction. Rhinoceros grow to be over 1,000 pounds, but these things take like three days to grow into size of a dill pickle.

Maybe technology finally caught up with the times, but I think that was only because of our love affair with Jurassic Park.