People Thought That Growing Up Was Going To Be Easy And Boy Are They Wrong

Transitioning into adulthood can be challenging. We can't promise you that it's not as cool as it looks. Sure, you can stay up late on the weekends or date a loser your friends warned you about, but that's about the full extent of adulting.

The trade-off into becoming an adult comes with stuff you really don't want to do. Unfortunately, partying and working is a bad mix, responsibilities suck, and you can't revert back to your sixteen-year-old self. If you're a rebellious teen, do yourself a favor and reconsider your MO after this.

Story Of My Life


Photo Credit: @5thyear/Instagram

Face the music, this is your thought every single second of every single workweek. You want to deny it, but all you want to do is frame that sign.

You know what would be better? If this was framed right when you walk into your office. Now that is the perfect Monday motivation.