These People Are Definitely More Over It Than Under It And It's Inspiring

Don't you love those days when you wake up and you know it's going to be a good day? It's the mornings where the coffee just tastes crisp, the eggs are perfectly cooked, and nothing can bring down your mood. Those are the best days.

But, let's be honest 2014 they don't happen very often. The more realistic version is when you wake up and knock your head off your side table trying to get out of bed. You burn your coffee, burn your eggs, and every little thing your co-workers do gets on your nerves. It's those days that by eight in the morning you're already saying, "I'm over it." Don't worry though. You're not alone when you have the people in this article.

When There's No Air Conditioning


Photo Credit: Reddit

If you've ever been in a workplace that doesn't have air conditioning you can relate to this guy on every level.

Not only are you miserable because you're at work, but you're even more miserable because forehead sweat keeps dripping into your mouth while you just sit at your desk.