Couples That Will Simultaneously Make You Barf And Cry Ugly Tears

Dating in the 21st century is a completely different game. Couples now feel the need to share every gift and date with their followers so they can get more likes. These are the relationships that make you want to turn off the internet forever and crawl into a ball of loneliness because they're so disgustingly clich00e9.

But there are some couples out there that have managed to find love in their own unique way that doesn't make us want to throw up. These couples are obviously perfect for each other in their own weird way. It might be cringey at first, but don't worry, the ugly cry will soon take over, and you'll realize that these people are the real #CoupleGoals.

I Bet They Can Finish Each Other's Sentences


Photo credit: hailmarythatails / Reddit

Wearing matching outfits makes a lot of sense. Once you get to an age where it doesn't matter, why not? You probably save a lot of money by just buying the bulk package of plaid shirts from Costco.

They say that over time, owners start to look like their dogs. Why can't the same thing happen to a couple?