These Pictures Prove That A Normal Day In Russia Is Extremely Extraordinary In Any Other Country


Russia news has taken over American TV for the past year and a half. It seems that it's all we're hearing about nowadays, but how well do we really know our Cold War counterpart?

It's common knowledge that Russians has some weird lifestyle choices, but in what context is "weird" used? Are they silly? Do they have bizarre hobbies? Do they eat finger food with a fork and knife? These are all questions that won't be answered in this article, but rest assured that you'll leave this page more confused about Russian culture than you were before.

When You Crash Your Car In The Middle Of Summer


Photo Credit: Reddit / Areskoi

This picture was probably taken on the hottest day of the year in Russia, yet here they are building snowmen. Russians have to get creative to fill their time after a car accident.

Russia Fact: Until 2011, any drink under 10% alcohol was considered foodstuff and not alcoholic.