These Photos Prove That Parents Love Their Pets Way More Than They'll Ever Love You


If you've lived the privileged life of being an only child, you've never had to guess who the favorite child is. For the rest of us who grew up with siblings, we spend every hour trying to one-up our brothers and sisters.

Even though parents will never actually admit they have a favorite child, they have absolutely no problems letting everyone know that the family pet comes first. Some parents will even dip into your college fund to pay for a party for your cat. These parents have absolutely no chill when it comes to hiding the fact they love their family pet way more than you. The truth hurts, kid.

Must Be Nice To Feel This Much Support


Photo credit: @zesty_animals / Twitter

I understand that these parents are wearing cones around their heads to make their dog feel less self-conscious about his own cone, but wow, where was this type of support during my teenage years?

I would have needed my parents to go through a full-blown scene phase to show me the same love they have with this dog.