These People Missed The Mark So Bad It's Actually Painful To Look At


No one is going to hit their target 100% of the time. Sometimes you shoot your shot and it works out in your favor, and sometimes it goes horribly, horribly wrong. The goal should be to minimize the number of failures and maximize the successes.

This might be a hot take, but watching people succeed isn't all that entertaining. Watching people fail, on the other hand, brings way more laughter. The people in this article shot their shot and, well, missed the mark big time, and we absolutely love them for it.

Shoot Your Shot DUDE!


Photo Credit: Instagram / @sonny5ideUp

These pants that can unzip into shorts are basically fashion suicide, but they're so practical.

When the weather is too hot to wear pants but too cold to wear shorts 2014 these are perfect. You get a lot of bad looks in public, but once you show people how they're actually very practical, you can expect to convert some people into believers.