The Most Bizarre Moments That People Saw On The Subway And They're Definitely Worth A Second Look

Riding the subway on a regular basis can be sketchy. One day, some guy is casually eating their McDonald's, then the next day, someone is dressed up like Santa Claus when it's the Fourth of July. I mean, just think about the long silences you have to deal with when having lunch with your work colleagues. It's awkward.

But, nothing is more awkward than being the weird guy on public transportation. Some people bring pets while others just do what they want because they're lost in their own world. If you haven't experienced something crazy on the subway, you could next time, so buckle up.

That's Impressive


Photo Credit: @subwaycreatures/Instagram

Gaming has gotten out of control these days. This is what happens when you can't afford a Switch, but you can't stop playing Skyrim.

This is wildly inconvenient for the other passengers. As long as they have headphones and they aren't annoying, I'd allow this.