If There Was A 'Lazy Genius' Award These People Would Win

We all have our lazy moments, and it's nothing to be ashamed of. Sometimes you just have to lay in bed on a Sunday and order takeout for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. But some people take laziness to the next level.

For these people, laziness is a way of life. They survive by taking the easy way out. No one wants to buy Christmas wrapping paper, but a lazy genius made it work for them. These folks have managed to become certified geniuses because they know a little ingenuity can go a long way when you live a lazy life.

They Must Have One Of Those Really Long Driveways


Photo credit: mepejuma / Reddit

I don't blame this person for taking their trash out with their car. There have been a few times I've debated letting my kitchen garbage overflow for another week just because putting on shoes is way too much work.

If I had a long driveway or lived at the top of a hill, garbage day would be the worst day of the week.