People Who Don't Play By The Rules And We're All For It

Let's be honest here, life is only fun if you don't play by the rules. For example, think about the most boring person in your life. My guess is that it's your aunt Jane who has been a goodie-two-shoes since pre-school and is absurdly straight edged.

If you're looking to put a finger on why you would rather watch paint dry than talk to Jane, you've just found your answer. The people in this article are the opposite of aunt Jane and we're thankful for it. These people break the rules and we're absolutely all on board to watch their hilarious shenanigans.

"I'm Getting That Prime Parking Spot No Matter What"


Photo Credit: Instagram / @kalesalad

This woman felt drawn to a particular parking spot and she wasn't about to let some dang cars get in her way of it.

Parking spaces are prime real estate at malls. If you don't get a spot close to the front you'll be walking for a mile just to get to the entrance doors. No time for that kind of nonsense.