These People Paid Tribute To Their Favorite Fictional Characters With Expertly Crafted Costumes


Conventions across the country, and the world, welcome people from all walks of life who like embodying their favorite fictional characters. These people don't just slap on a store-bought costume and call it a day. They go all out. All of these costumes were hand sewn together by the people wearing them.

Keep reading for some redneck Avengers, a man who took his Maui costume to the next level, and two Game of Thrones ladies who definitely deserve a spot on the cosplay throne.

Up Up And Away


Photo Credit: MattyTingles / Reddit

Hey look, Russell is all grown up. This is actually so adorable. Such great attention to detail. I want to know what all of those badges are for.

How could anybody get angry at that face? He just wants to go on an adventure.