These Celebrities Have A Great Redemption Story After They Got A Second Chance


No one is perfect, and that includes your favorite celebrities. The number of people who have endured a fall from grace is devastating. Sometimes, there's no coming back for a celebrity who committed something too terrible to forgive.

However, for some celebrities, redemption was achieved thanks to hard work and, in some cases, celebrities are willing to give other people a second chance too. These famous people have had trouble before they got big and they managed to make a career comeback.

Demi Lovato's Mental Health Struggles Led Her To Use Her Voice To Speak Out


Photo Credit: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

The actress and musician had a devastating battle with drugs and alcohol. As a response, she released the book Staying Strong: 365 Days a Year.

With her hard-earned sobriety in place, she's a vocal spokesperson for mental health and addiction treatment causes.