Google Earth Has Captured Some Mind-Blowing Moments And We Can't Look Away


Google Earth has given us a new perspective of the world. It's one of the first times that anyone at any time can explore the world from the comfort of their own home. Christopher Columbus would be rolling in his grave if he knew how easy it is to see the world now.

There are entire online communities who task themselves with searching the world via Google Earth with a fine-tooth comb to find the most unusual sightings. That sounds like an awful job, but we're very thankful they do it because the results are outstanding and straight up bizarre.

The King Of The Jungle


Photo Credit: Google Earth

Lion King fans rejoice. This interesting carve out of a lion is right in the middle of a field in Dunstable, UK.

It's interesting to note that the movie was actually going to be titled King of the Jungle, but they changed the name when they realized that lions don't really live in the jungle.