We Can't Unhear These Hillariously Misheard Song Lyrics


We've all been listening to the radio, jamming along, when all of a sudden, we hear something that doesn't hit our ears quite right. Did she really just say "green tomatoes?" That can't be right. Recently, Reddit user auditore01 asked people to share their best misheard song lyrics. The people did not disappoint.

Read on for a whole bunch of classic songs you'll never be able to hear the same way again. From fax machines to cross-eyed bears, these lyrics are so very wrong, but they feel so right.

A Whole City Of Prairie Dogs


Photo Credit: ColdBeef / Reddit & Paul Nicholls / Barcroft Media

Prairie dog city sounds a lot like paradise to me. Can you imagine a whole city of prairie dogs? They could have occupations and commute to work on a prairie dog train and wear little prairie dog business casual outfits.

I will never hear that Guns N' Roses song the same way again.